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If you have previously been certified through ACBE and it's time to recertify, you're in the right place. 

3-Step Requirements for Recertification:

Step 1 - Pay your $90.00 recertification fee by CLICKING HERE

Step 2 - After you pay your fee, you'll need to send an email directly to Kathy Stewart
at with the answers to the following information.

Your Contact Info: (Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website)
Class Type: (group/private/hospital)
Class Location: (in-home/office/shared space/hospital)

 Class Information: (Amount of classes/students you've taught)
Class Outline: (Be sure to include everything you cover)

Step 3 - Read two books on Childbirth and answer three questions in brief paragraph form.
What is something new that you learned? Did you like the book and why?
Would you recommend this book to parents for childbirth preparation?


You will need a total of 15 hours of continuing education over three years. These 15 hours can be obtained from attending any conferences or seminars, watched YouTube or Ted Talks, regarding pregnancy, birth and
postpartum. Send me the name of the event or title of program, location and in one brief paragraph tell me about what you learned and how you will apply that to your classes.

Your certification is good for 3 years and your new certificate form will be emailed to you.

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